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We are a Software House specialized in data extraction and visualization.

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Give meaning to your data

Experts at data collection, process and visualization, we help you extract knowledge from your data.

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Unique Products

Each client is unique. Thats why we create the perfect solution for your business.

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Our Powers

Data collection

Either real or virtual, from your own system or others. Data is the fundamental base of what we do. We do a precise collection avoid problems with further steps.


Data can come from different sources, but the most important step is to select which one are relevant e how they are related.

Knowledge extraction

The analysis step does not generate knowledge. To help with that we create a visualization of the results. It can be done with graphs, tables or even a sentence that summarizes it all.


What we do

We take your idea out of the paper

With Zerosoft, your ideas are not staying in the paper. We have a specialized team to make your ideas come to reality.
Furthermore we help you improve your idea. With years of experience we can offer a new perpective to your business.


Our specialty

Big Data

We are experts at data collection, process and visualization. We extract knowledge and present it the best way possible. That way we can give insights that would never been possible without it.

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Zerosoft has an objective to impact the most people we can every day. And to fulfill our objective, we have to create high quality system that impact their lives in a positive way.

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